Wobbel Yoga for Children

Fun and structured, the lessons emphasize coordination and team spirit. The bodily feeling develops according to the practices which associate music with the sequences of postures. Through these clever sequences composed of yoga and moments of games, the rhythmic movements of the Wobbel soothe body and mind.


In each course we find:

- A warm-up Standing positions,

- Warrior's postures that develop core strenght and self-confidence, -

- Sitting positions for the relaxation of the body,

- A return to calm to finish.


During lessons, children will improve their body awareness and self-confidence. Effort and relaxation constantly alternate and at the end of the class they proudly step off their Wobbel with a big smile.


Example of themes: alphabet, animals, nature, shapes, ocean, pair poses, mindfulness

Example of intentions: balance, confidence building, listening skills, memory, respect, muscle strengthening, teamwork


The groups:

Wednesday afternoon

Children 4 - 6 years old - Duration 45 min -  at 2 p.m.

Adults 6 - 8 years old - Duration 1 hour -  at 3 p.m.

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For more information: visit Wobbel Yogis, Jessica's website

or contact her directly at : hello@jessicayogaflow.com

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Jessica, French and mother of Manon (4 years old), Yoga teacher for adults in Rotterdam. After doing several Wobbel Yoga sessions with my daughter, I became a fan of this movement approach for children and the benefits of Yoga from an early age. So I embarked on a specific yoga training for children as well as training for the Wobbel.