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“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”  Seneca


Concept Yoga supports the World Peace Flame foundation.


About Concept Yoga



My name is Maeva and I am the founder of Concept Yoga. Here, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and the story that led to Concept Yoga.


I believe it all started in 2007 after I graduated from a Master in International Communication Management. I had spent the last years picturing a challenging professional career in communications, and naturally thought this was my future. To make a long story short, after facing difficulties to get my “dream job”, I had to take a different position, yet I believed it could take me there. With this job I had a lot of frustrations and I was stressed by the environment of the organization I was working for. From the outside it looked so good to others, but inside I was not happy.

Stress turned into tiredness, lack of patience, even anger towards the ones I love and eventually depression because I was so unsatisfied with my job. This is when I finally decided to listen to my doctor’s advice: to try yoga. He had been advising me to do so for a couple of years, but I always thought I needed to get rid of “extra” energy or anger through an active sport like Kick boxing or Zumba, and thought that a calm activity will only make me feel bored. I could not be more wrong about myself! Indeed, after only a few weeks of following a weekly class, my family and my colleagues could notice the difference. Now I know that I did not need to get rid of extra energy, but rather learn to deal with it and use it efficiently. This certainly is the most important lesson I have learned with yoga.


Yoga has indeed helped me to reduce my stress but it has mainly helped me to know myself better and most importantly accept it. Accept that this job was not for me and that the career I thought I wanted was not it either. I have resigned and gave myself time to think about my future. During that period I have worked as a volunteer and found out that satisfaction was not the result of a good salary but of using my skills for a good cause. All this started to show me that my well-being and satisfaction could actually be found with a different path. And after 4 years of practicing yoga on a weekly basis, everything became clear. I wanted to be a yoga teacher to help others reduce their stress so that they can enjoy family and friends, take care of health problems so they can fully enjoy their life, connect with their inner self and make peace with who they are. I wanted to be the person that makes you feel zen and relaxed… Because yoga has helped me so much, I wish to help people discover that powerful tool as well.


In the summer of 2012, I started my Dru yoga teacher training with an intensive 3 week course and found out I was pregnant while attending it. Thus, I had to change my priorities these last years. Luckily, I had passed an interim assessment then, which has allowed me to start teaching in 2014. And on the 15 December 2015, I have officially become a DRU Yoga teacher. Finally graduating after going through the tough decision to completely change career, and then having to step aside from this goal for a while to become a mother, I have made it! "When there's a will, there's a way!"


Now that I have discovered and accepted who I am, what drives me, what makes me happy, what I am naturally good at and more, I feel so fulfilled and satisfied with the life I have made for myself. It was not an easy path but it was worth it. I definitely should thank my husband, my family and my wonderful and inspirational friends for their support and understanding during this wonderful and surprising journey!


Today, I am a proud and happy young mother of 2 beautiful daughters and future yogis :), the founder of Concept Yoga and a free spirit!!! Without yoga and love I would never have found the courage to take control of my life. Namasté!




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