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Here you can find some testimonials from my dear students, adults and teenagers.


Everything is harmonious, balanced and serene at Concept Yoga: the warm welcome from Maeva, the fluidity and rhythm of her classes, the precise and targeted explanations, the yoga sequences, soothing relaxation and rejuvenating meditation.
The best yoga address in The Hague! Véronique

Came the first time to discover the practice (on the recommendation of a friend), and since then I can't do without my sessions with Maeva. My body and mind are asking for their weekly session and I see all the benefits! The session is given in a warm and relaxed spirit, and adapted to the needs of the participants. A wellness experience to consume without moderation...I highly recommend! Thank you Maeva! Caroline

I have been practicing DRU Yoga with Maeva for several years, and always the same pleasure of letting myself be guided through the session, to benefit from the virtues of this practice (refocus, concentration, optimizing one's inner energy). The studio is very pleasant, to accommodate a small group and even allows outdoor practice.... at the discretion of Lady Weather. Carine

A very suitable place for practicing yoga and Maeva is very caring, attentive, a real moment for yourself with real benefits! THANKS!   Fabienne

I have a lot of fun coming to Maeva's classes - the atmosphere is warm and the learning is gentle. I like Dru yoga for its permanent, delicate movement. Dominique

Maeva is an attentive and caring yoga teacher. I've made a lot of progress in my meditation practice thanks to her. Bénédicte

A yoga/relaxation/meditation moment that really recharges. And in a good mood too! Go there with your eyes closed! Laurie

A yoga class with Maeva, it’s a really gentle bit of sport.

Maeva has a personalized approach for each individual present in her course. She has a lot of humor and provides an excellent atmosphere. After each class, I feel fit and relaxed.

Of all the yoga classes I've tried, this is my favorite. Hélène


I have been doing Dru Yoga with Maeva for four years now. Quite anxious by nature, the school environment tends to amplify my anxieties and create new ones. From each yoga session, I come out feeling soothed, relaxed, far from all the concerns that could have consumed me an hour before. Dru Yoga allowed me to reduce my stress, to know my body better, but above all to understand myself better. Beyond the physical aspect, this allows you to better understand your emotions and your state of mind. I now have much more self-confidence, and I am able to relax whether it is before an exam or in everyday life. The courses are accessible to all, friendly and take into account everyone's abilities. Each practice allows you to recharge your batteries and find yourself. Maeva is caring and always attentive. Victoire 17 years old


My parents have enrolled me for the Teenagers’ workshop dedicated to learn tools to release stress and anxiety before and during exams. I have really appreciated this relaxed workshop. The methods are easy to grasp, and very effective. Manon 16 years old

What a relief to find out there are efficient and quick ways to not lose control during an exam! Thank you Maeva for your precious advices, and the soothing relaxation. Emma 15 years old

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