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Special Concepts


At Concept Yoga we understand that sometimes we need a way to support us through a particular event or situation, and only wish to have a single class to address it. These 3 Special Concepts have been developed for this purpose. During these yoga classes, short and easy to remember postures and sequences are taught to enable you to safely practice them when you feel the need.

These classes also include a 15 minute deep relaxation.

Quick Stress Relief Concept


Are you facing a stressful situation or are about to? An exam? An interview? A family reunion?  


This Concept teaches easy and short techniques to quickly release stress and improve your focus with specific breathing exercises and postures.


Learn how to tap into your potential to be at your best when you really need it.



(Discount for students)

Yoga at Work Concept


Do you stay in a sitting or standing position for long periods of time? Do you feel blockages’ arising along your spine as your working day goes by?


This Concept helps you boost your energy to stay alert and focused with specific yoga exercises designed for the work environment.

These exercises comprise breathing techniques, stretches and postures.


Gift Concept

Surprise a friend with a very personal present…

A class to learn how to relax with yoga...

The Special Concepts prices are the same as for a regular private class.


Long Distance Travelers Concept


Do you often drive or travel long distances?


This Concept aims to teach you yoga techniques to re-energize yourself and to prevent pain and blockages related to long driving. The objective is to both ensure the safety of your journey by staying alert and not let tiredness take over, and that you arrive in a good shape to either complete business obligations or enjoy a well deserved holiday...


This Concept also addresses long distance flight travel. Here the aim is to prepare the body and mind for a long -almost- still journey; and also to gently wake up the body upon arrival.





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